RPG Tsukuru VX

RPG Maker VX
PlatformMicrosoft Windows XP, Vista
ReleasedJapan: ? Worldwide: February 2008
System RequirementsMicrosoft Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista

Processor: 1.0GHz Intel(R) Pentium(R) III equivalent or higher RAM: 256mb Video: 1024x768 or better, high colour graphics Sound: ??

Hard Drive: 100mb

The fifth RPG Maker released for the PC by Enterbrain, and the second one to be translated into English.


[edit] Features

RPG Maker VX both gained and lost features after the previous XP. It gained such functions as the quick-event option for easily creating doors and chests, a built-in vehicle system, and a random dungeon generator that will randomly create a setting of wall, floor, and ceiling tiles for a dungeon.

[edit] Graphics

RPG Maker VX has graphics that are up for debate. Animations and battlers are major improvements over the ones used in RPG Maker XP. The characters and tilesets are of equal quality, but are used in different ways. RPG Maker VX doesn't have a layer system as RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker 2003 do, and so makes mapping harder to do. The tiles are much more blocky, as are the characters, and sort of make you have memories of older days like Gameboy Advance games.

[edit] Battle System

Like RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX uses a front-view battle system. However, you cannot see your own battler in RPG Maker VX. It is supposed to be as if you were seeing the enemy through the characters' eyes, as opposed to a 3rd-person battle.

[edit] RGSS2: Ruby Game Scripting System 2

RGSS2, the second installment of the Ruby Game Scripting System used in RPG Maker XP. The original RGSS was based off of the coding language Ruby, and is almost exactly the same except for some additional built-in classes. RGSS2 is very similar to RGSS, but easier to both use and learn.

[edit] Graphic Resources

[edit] Characters

Each character and Non-Playable Character in the program can be assigned a graphical sprite to represent it. These sprites are simple images divided into twelve, equally sized sections. A single sprite is divided into three horizontal sections, and four vertical section. A full sprite sheet includes eight complete and separate sprites, split into two rows with four sprites on each.

[edit] Mapping

[edit] Battle Backgrounds

[edit] Animation

Animations can be used in battle, and on the map. Animations are created in the Database using uploaded or RTP (Run Time Package) animation sheets. The animation section of the Database allows the user to place images frame by frame to form a working animation. In addition, the animation can be modified with sound effects, cued to certain frames. As well as modify the size, rotation, and opacity of each cell.

An animation sheet must be 5 columns of 192x192pixel images, and can be any height, so long as the height is divisible by 192. (960*∞)

[edit] Graphics

[edit] Events

[edit] Transistions

A transition is a 544x416 gray-scale image, used to do as the name implies; transition the player from one scene to another. Most typically seen when the player enters into a battle. The image is processed from the darkest tone, to the lightest. The darkest tone in the image will remove itself from the screen, up until the lightest tone of the transition, which will remove the remaining screen visibility.

[edit] Pictures

Basically just miscellaneous pictures used throughout the game. They are often associated with scripts for the folder's lack of a useful function, but can also be brought into the game through an event command so that it may appear when you need it to.

[edit] Window Skins

[edit] Audio

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